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Lode 03-12-2009 10:23 AM

Kitty and other Sunline friends...
Hey Kitty and other Sunliners,

The truck camper stands at about the last pictures I'd posted back in the fall. The weekends kim and I were able to get home for respite became non existent so we closed up and winterized our house and just stay here at Mom's now full time. Long story short, my brother has taken himself out any care leaving the burden on my wife and I. Sadly enough, the last time we spoke was November and he lives 4 miles from here.

It's been a really rough winter but spring is here now and we're seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel for the 18 months we've dedicated to and lived here with Mom. We've scheduled in mid April to admit her into an assisted living unit in Harrisburg that is exclusively Alzheimer's patients. After that I have to clean up here and sell her house. My mother in law is moving in with my wife and I so I'll need to do the same to her place. On top of that Kim and I are looking to buy a nice parcel of land behind our current home. Very hard to say when I'm going to have the time to work on the new camper but as soon as I get back to it I'll be sure to post some updated pictures.

Thanks to all here who have given me something to do over the winter reading the board here. I haven't had much to say as of lately but I'm still hanging in the wings. :wink:

Our condolences to carol and her family. One day at a time.

Congrats to Marshall and Sue on their collector's Sunline. If you ever need a hand with something with the old coach (or logging your back 40) I'd be happy to help out.

Thanks JohnB for the detailed Dexter EZ Flex installation, something I definitely plan on doing when I have the time, had already decided on the Dexter hardware last year through someone's reccomendation here on the board. It made me laugh when someone asked if you wrote instruction manuals for a living!

Good to see Pat and Cindy are back on tour. Love reading your blogs and living vicariously through your adventures. If you ever need a place to stay in central PA, you're welcome to set up camp for as long as you see fit. We have a small quiet parcel off the base of the mountain in Boiling Springs, PA. The AT runs across the street and I can give you direction for any other local attractions.

Fred and Janet, have fun in St Louis! 2011 the championships are in Philly, I'm looking forward to going. I'm making tentative plans to head to Pitt next year for the Dapper Dan Classic. Perhaps you can reccomend a place to camp near Pittsburgh? I had a chance to see Central Dauphin wrestle quite a bit this year, what a team! 8 AAA District/Regional Champs going into States.

Hope everyone else is doing well and prepped and ready for a fun camping season.

Take care all,

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