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MACK C-85 01-06-2009 11:19 AM

MD Spendacrats at it Again: Proposed Toll Increases

Maryland Spendacrats are at it again, "falling revenues 'force' increase in tolls" :roll: . I like the way they are pushing that trucks are paying more of thier share, but since the tolls are based on the number of axles we RVer's are getting hit too.

Like an 80% increase :shock: for a single axle trailer (three axles total) on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, 60% for a double axle (Four axles total).

50% for 3 axle and 54% for 4 axles on I-95 at the Suquehanna, and then on I-95 you hit the Key Bridge (no propane in the tunnels) and pay another 50% increase (only pay it each way)!

Welcome to MD !! :oops:

It's understandable why the Mosquito is our State Bird, given our politicians desire to suck the blood out of the taxpayer! 8)

Mark 01-08-2009 09:53 PM

Not to sound the alarm, but six months ago I could see your point.

But from everything I have been reading lately, all the states have MASSIVE shortfalls and no where to turn.

I work for a Fortune 200 company, and I can say that by the time this is all done, I may be forced to full-time in (thankfully) my paid for TV and trailer. :cry:

I monitor business news (real news) not TV news... :roll: and everything I read seeems to be getting worse. Personally, I hope to make it through 1st quarter 2009......I now only think in 3-month timeframe.

And in case you are wondering, the top executives in my company are still seeing bonuses.

nickster60 01-09-2009 07:30 AM

We all have to find ways to cut our expenditures. I own a small company and we have had to trim our budgets the best we can. Why is it goverment just raises fees or taxes. It seems the states in the Northeast Coridor seem to be the best at raising taxes. When I lived in CT that all they ever did was cry they where broke. I moved to Florida 16 years ago and have never looked back. Yes we have our own problems, but government isnt picking our pockets.

Honda03842 01-09-2009 08:37 AM

NH is the place to be. No Income tax, no sales tax, relatively low unemployment. The largest number of state legislators (400) but we only pay them $100 a year. Unfortunately there is very little comparing of state to state costs and results. NH consistingly scores high in health, education and liveability.

For most politicians it's easier to find ways to raise taxes then to cut expenses.

I don't worry about politics now that I'm retired focusing on enjoying my remaining years, carving out a sphere of personal joy recognizing that my years of fixing are done.

another escapee from Connecticut,

Norm Milliard

Mark 01-09-2009 06:49 PM

Don't get me wrong, I do not support high taxes. Really, no one WANTS high taxes.

But I feel that it is way, way too simple to "just say cut back". As each state (or company) cuts back, there is a ripple effect.

What I find interesting about this time in history is that traditional "rules" seem to no longer apply. For instance, Florida (no offense) does not have geniuses in the state government.

They have a tax on tourism (rental cars, hotel, etc.) which, in effect, allows other state's residents to pay Florida's way :wink: .

But with such a severe downturn, everything is turned upside down. Since there will inevitable be a slump in tourism revenues, FLA will run short as well.

And to get this back on a camping theme:

What would you do if your state decided to "cut back" by closing State Parks to offset lower tax revenue?

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