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kanyonkitty 12-24-2008 10:02 PM

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays from Kitty & KD:

JohnB 12-25-2008 09:13 AM

Happy Holidays Kitty

I see Santa recruited KD this year. 8) Which sled position did KD take? Lead dog?

I also see by the time stamp of the post, KD must have been fast at work in the delivery route.

Sun is shinning here in Central Ohio, was 21 degrees out here before church this AM. It now warmed up a whole 2 degrees by late morning.

I think we need to follow Tweety next year to warmer climates….

Have a good day.


kanyonkitty 12-25-2008 02:15 PM

Well, I'm not sure KD would take the lead, she's NOT the brightest bulb in the curcuit :oops: Just kidding, she is really a wonderful dog and actually quite smart and a quick learner.

It was 38 at 9am here, not to cold when I walked over to sons to let the nasty K-9 dog out (man I hate dealing with him) and it is now 44 at 4:03pm, so nothing really to complain about for christmas weather. I have to care for nasty dog again tomorrow, and then ......................

Saturday morning I am planning to be on the road, headed to American Heritage RV Park, in Williamsburg, VA. The weather reports are looking VERY promising, like it might be in the 50's :D

Tomorrow I will be removing the tire covers, checking tire air pressures, installing the pressure pro monitors, loading stuff into Sunny, loading the pups stuff into Sunny (they have to have their things), laptop into Sunny, camera & batteries & chargers & memory cards. HA HA I BET I have a LOT more to do than I realize :roll: OH, new TV out to Sunny, almost forgot about it.

What am I forgetting ?????


OH, yeah, when am I coming home, current plan is Jan. 1st, but that is subject to change. :P

Tweety 12-25-2008 07:10 PM

Merry Christmas Kitty! KD is such a sweety :) Come on down all :) We rode bikes on the beach today. It was 74 degrees. We still have the windows open. Had Christmas dinner on the picnic table with friends that we bumped into down here. We're reserving for next year :) Kitty...enjoy your trip to Williamsburg! I'm sure it'll be decorated beautifully.

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