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henryj 09-29-2008 01:11 PM

Back From Oregon
We're back from a very good trip west. As always, it's nice to be home, but also nice to travel which is why we won't likely ever be full-timers. We covered 7500 miles and camped in 4 SP, 3 NP, 1 farm and 14 RV parks over a total of 5 weeks. We picked up US2 in MI at the Mackinac Bridge, took a short detour into AB and BC, drove across WA from the NE corner to the SW corner and then along the OR coast. On the way home we headed for I80 in NV and took a mix of US30 and I80 to IN and home on I69. Didn't see another Sunline on the whole trip. The border agent who searched our trailer, and truck bed, at a remote crossing in WA really liked the 2499 though. That's the first time we've had a trailer searched in any direction in at least a dozen border crossings. The busy crossing at Sarnia/Port Huron between ON and MI that we usually use is always very fast although we had to wait almost an hour to get to the booth.

We've done a couple of long A to B trips with the 2499, but this was the first time towing it through the Rockies and the first time we took a cross country touring trip with it. The 2499 is a bit on the long and heavy side for this kind of travel, but the comfort at night more than makes up for it. Our 6.0 L gas truck had ample power in all situations and the transmission temperature stayed well short of the red zone although it did get over 200 a couple of times, especially one long 32 mile 6-7 % grade in BC. At various destinations, like the NP, we stayed for 2-3 nights and toured solo. We were traveling with my brother and his wife and he has a "small" Titanium and Dmax so that was an interesting contrast. We had reservations at two OR SP on the coast, and needed them, but otherwise had no difficulty finding two campsites together. Mt. Rainier NP was a bit of a problem as they don't take reservations after Labor Day and we couldn't avoid arriving on a Sat. We found the campground full as they had also closed down half the loops. A sympathetic ranger opened an extra loop for us and it then filled up too before sunset.

It's a great time of year to travel and at any number of stops with small parking lots we commented on how frustrating it would be to travel there in prime summertime and find a trailhead parking lot full or a scenic viewpoint impossible to get to. One of the highlights of the trip was the state of WA. What an amazingly diverse state--from densely forested lower mountains to 14,000 ft. glaciated peaks, and vast rolling wheat fields and orchards to high desert, along with the Columbia R. gorge and the Pacific coast and of course the lunar-like landscape around Mt. St. Helens--just spectacular.

Ok... I think I'm just about ready to start planning the next one, so I better quit. I look forward to reading all the threads I missed.

Almost forgot... the frame reinforcement did the job admirably and I will add to the frame thread to report a bit more on that.


JohnB 09-29-2008 07:05 PM


Sounds like a great trip.

Reading your trip really get's my out west fever to be even hotter….. :cry: We will get there some day.

Have any Pic's?

PS Also curious on your 6.0-liter tyranny temps. How hot did they get? My 6.0 in the 2500 Suburban would get to 195 to 200 and stay there all the time here in Ohio. Even 95 day out it never went any higher.

Except one day last fall in PA last year pulling the new camper home empty. Wrong Mountain on the wrong road that would not give up.


henryj 10-01-2008 03:44 PM

A couple of pics
Good questions that stimulated some from me too. I'm working on a reply and will post it in the towing forum, maybe tomorrow if it keeps on raining.

Here are a couple of photos--we took 1100.

Our faithful traveling companions at a picnic site on Lake Superior, MI.

Southern AB where I was born. Waterton Lakes NP is in the mountain valley almost in the center of the picture. I used to live here when my father was still farming. Our place was 1/4 mile beyond the crest of this hill so we could "only" see the tops of the mountains.

Mt. Rainier NP

OR lighthouse in the fog

Crater Lake NP


JohnB 10-01-2008 07:17 PM


OMG…… :shock: Beautiful!!! OK now I’m really infected with out west fever…..

Your rig looks really great. The back window reflection is really neat. Lake Superior, yes that is one big pond…. I have driven around it several times on the Canadian side, the Trans Canada heading to Atikokan, Ontario to go paddling with a group of Boy Scouts in Quetico Provincial Park. That is one really amazing lake it is so big.

Crater Lake. Nice. Well I hiked around a lake called that, but not like the one in your pic. The little Crater Lake, more of a pond, was in northern New Mexico on Philmont Scout ranch. Must have been a chip off the big one that made the NP….

I have heard Oregon is really a beautiful state to go camping in. The light house almost looks like one out of Cape Cod, Mass. Except for those evergreen trees next to it. I do not remember any of them from Cape Cod…

A farm boy. Ah now I know where that machinery background comes from. Ask me how I know. I was living it until 18 years ago before moving to OH. Come home from work, hop on the tractor and start all over again. There was no time to be pulling Travel Trailers. As a kid the only trailer I hauled after school had about 150 bushels of apples or pears on them to put up in the cold storage and then back out to get more. Glad when the fork lift finally came…

Again thanks for sharing the pics. Really nice.


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