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stickman 03-25-2008 07:06 PM

Model T - 2675 Owners
I'm looking at a NEW 2006 Sunline Toyhauler and would like to find out the Pros and Cons. This is my first trailer purchase so want to make an educated decision.

Tweety 03-26-2008 06:39 AM

We looked seriously at that model before buying our 2753. The cargo capacity is 1900 pounds, so once you load it up with your living stuff and fill the water tank you'd be near the limit with a heavy toy. The Sunline is a really nice little toy hauler if you like the floorplan and your toys are bicycles or a little ATV. If you compare the specs of the Sunline TH to those of say a Weekend Warrior you'll see that the WW is a major hauler with huge carrying capacity and huge tanks and built in gnerator compartments. It seems like the SUnline is built more like a regular living trailer with an empty easy to clean space in the back for toys. BTW..there is a NICE, like new, used one at Stoltzfus in Adamstown PA. It has the fold down bunk beds, and the pull down screen to turn your toy area into a screen room, which are nice perks.

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