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Dave 11-12-2007 11:58 AM

I'm happy to see that someone else has had a smell problem with their Sunline. I purchased mine, an '01 2753 in August '03 and have had some level of stench since I brought it home. Now, it's not too bad, but still some there.

The first odor wasn't hard to find. The original odor was toilet. Since the guy I bought it from was a bachelor, he was using it as his 2nd home and it had been parked since purchased in his brothers driveway and had no more the 500 miles on it. The toilet effluent was pumped directly into the home's septic system by some dinky little grinder pump. The system was supposed to have been drained and flushed before I picked it up and I didn't check it out - it was FULL and a 100 mile trip home sloshed a lot that "crap" up into the toilet itself. The tank itself was solid **** and I ended up making a spray wand to clean it out. I spent hours cleaning and carrying 5 gallon buckets to my home toilet but ended up the following spring replacing the toilet because the smell never went away - and with a hand operated unit instead. A note here - the hand operated toilet for a center bath works nicely as the foot pedals are no longer a tripping hazard.

Now we have another smell - we have cleaned, shampooed, disassembled what I thought was about everything - now I have some more 'ammunition' to further my search.

Dick 11-12-2007 07:20 PM


I had a problem with a smell in my Sunline 2475. I thought it was coming from the under bed storage area in the front but it was actually coming from the curb side rear corner where the seal between the rubber roof and the side molding failed allowing water to enter. It soaked the insulation between the walls and started to grow mold. I had to remove the moldings from the side and rear and roll back the roof until I could find dry insulation. I then removed the wet insulation and let it dry out for a few days and then replaced it and resealed the roof. I also had to cut out part of the wall in the wardrobe closet in the bathroom to get at wet insulation there. It was quite a job. My dealer quoted me $5600 to do it but I did it myself for about $60. in materials. Good Luck


Dave 11-13-2007 06:32 AM

Hi Dave,

I did check the toilet and it was somewhat dirty. The tank had been drained but they hadn't used a wand in it recently. I took that to it and it cleaned up like new. Not to mention the bathroom doesn't smell.

What's this new smell smell like?


Sounds like more then several Sunline owners have a smell problem.

My new smell is like that if you were to cut a piece of plywood - which generally would tell me that it was wet. We have been all over the trailer with our noses to almost every surface. Super Nose - my wife, that is, claims it is coming from the large under bed storage area and has even made several trips in there. We have found no sign of any leak. There is one possibility that I've recently discovered though. The water pump just 'died' which I discovered while winterizing. It may have been leaking as it was damp nearby. I received my new pump yesterday and installation is on my list of things to do the next few days as it is getting cold and staying cool during the day so it needs some antifreeze, regardless of the fact that I've blown it out. I'll write that up in a separate thread - it is a major job.

More later.


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