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40_Acre_Mule 11-20-2006 02:07 PM

New Sunline Owner (GULP!)
Well, two days ago, the DW and I drove 7 hours to the nearest Sunline dealer to pick up our customized T-3075 Transport toyhauler.
Guess what they told us !!???
We started RVing with a Gulfstream Conquest Sport (24 ft). It was a good little starter trailer to see if we would enjoy the travel trailer thing. It was obviously made from cheaper materials, but it was put together pretty well and everything worked.
After a year in that trailer, learning how to deal with living in a small aluminum box, and learning how all the RV appliances work, we decided to upgrade a bit. Since the Conquest never had any problems, we went with another Gulfstream.
This time, we got a 26 ft Track and Trail toyhauler. The hauler was a better fit for our RV uses. Unfortunately, this one was built after the massive rush for Katrina trailers. We were expected at least the same quality as the Conquest, if not better since it was a more expensive model. This one was clearly built by a bunch of amateurs with NO pride in their work. I was constantly fixing little stuff (such as beds falling off the lift and every single water connection leaking). Plus, the floorplan ended up being a real pain, (live and learn). We thought it wouldn't bug us, but we were wrong.
So, after a year with the nightmare RV, looking at dozens of TH's in person, and what seemed like hundreds online, plus reading several RV forums, we settled on the Sunline. Happy with the quality and the floorplan. About that time, a Georgia dealer opened a branch down in Gulfport, Miss. Guess they thought they'd profit from all the folks without homes down here. Anyway, we liked what we saw in person. We traded in the Track and Trail and put down a deposit on a customized Sunline. But, many of the RV places around here weren't doing too good, since everybody was getting a FEMA trailer, (nobody buying their own).
So, after we had turned over the old trailer, they shutdown that branch.
We had to drive from Pass Christian, Miss to Jackson, Georgia to pick up the new trailer, only to get the news about Sunline closing.
We got it anyway. The reputation of Sunline's quality, plus the bad reputation of getting warranty work done on the mass quantity RV companies, made us figure that we could still do worse.
Anyway, we sure hope this is a good one because we're planning to keep it a long time.
P.S. Sure glad I found this forum. I'm feeling better about the Sunline reading y'all's comments.

GoodoleBob 11-20-2006 03:25 PM

Good to have aboard Mule! Were all hoping for the best with our Sunlines, and the odds are in our favor I believe. First person I've heard with a Sunny Toyhauler. Sounds like a nice rig. I wish you luck!


mdfiregal 11-20-2006 04:01 PM

New Sunline Owner

Mack and I just picked up our Sunline T276 on 31 October, so trust me, I was having the same panic attack as you when I first heard the bad news. We had only taken our camper out once at that point and was wondering should we cut our losses and trade it or stick it out. I called my dealer and found out they were willing to stand behind the Sunline 100% and that any appliances were covered by the manufacturers anyway. The Sunline is definitely the best built travel trailer out there and although it is a little pricy, it is worth every cent. The sad thing is I think they may have ran into muck in the business end because of the poor manufacturing/low cost of the competion. Mack and I bought our Sunline at a RV show in Maryland, and when we went we already had our hearts set on a Sunline. A good friend of mine tried to sell me a Hornet at the show that had almost the same layout but when we really looked at the unit, the quality wasn't there.

I talked with my dealer and he said he had heard Mr. Martin (original owner of Sunline) was talking about reopening the company again under original managemnt in January. I sure hope so. It would be a shame to see such a great company that sounds like it has stood behind it's product and customers go out of business after 43 years of outstanding customer support and craftsmanship.

Poppy & Nana 11-20-2006 05:12 PM


I talked with my dealer and he said he had heard Mr. Martin (original owner of Sunline) was talking about reopening the company again under original managemnt in January. I sure hope so.

You aren't the only one!!!! :D

leather 11-20-2006 05:29 PM

I understand the anxiety. I had a 1950 on order since October when I got the word about the demise of Sunline. Anyway, we literally got the last Sunline off the factory lot today-it's a 1950. I saw it this afternoon and it's being prepped for delivery next week. It looked great with no sigs of shoody workmanship. I'm buying a third party warrenty to try to cover anything that coul;d go wrong that might have been covered by the Sunline warranty. We've read so much about the quality and that there is nothing else out there that really is up to that level. We've taken the plunge .. and hope they come back soon.

jdew1920 11-21-2006 05:45 AM

One thing to remember regarding the warranty is that most everything that is likely to fail is covered by the manufacturer of that component - fridge, stove, furnace, ac, converter, slide mechanism, jacks, etc. even the roof and frame. Most of the things that wouldn't be covered are things that you don't see with Sunlines - drawer slides pulling out, trim peices falling off, and other finish type details.

We just bought our 276SR in June but if I was buying new I would definately still go with Sunline. Of course without a general warranty on the trailer you should be able to get additional discounts.

sunnyseagull 11-21-2006 05:39 PM

we can only hope that Mr. Martin will do that . that would be such a blessing. I only live about 5 mi. from the factory and I drive past it everyday. it is so depressing seeing the lot empties and I feel so bad for all the great people who worked there. like I said all we can do is pray and be thankful that we have our sunlines already . :(

murc 11-22-2006 06:16 PM

We can sure relate to the crossing of the fingers. We just purchased a Solaris T264SR. Looking forward to years & years of trouble free miles.
Good luck and happy camping!

Mike & Anne

irishguy101 11-22-2006 08:36 PM

I don't think you have anything to worry about as far as promlems with your sunline.
I still am amazed at the solid build of this Trailer we have.
Even without Sunline to stand behind the TT I would not be afraid to recommend Sunline to anyone.
I see now why they say Sunline Coach Co. rather then trailer.

40_Acre_Mule 11-26-2006 06:55 PM

We got the T-3075 toyhauler. I've spent the past weekend crawling in, on, under, and around the trailer. Pretty impressed with what I didn't find, (poor construction, shoddy workmanship, cheap parts, shortcuts).
Happy with all the attention to the little details.
We'll take it out for the weekend in a couple of weeks.

emam 11-26-2006 07:42 PM

When we were touring the facility, it was amazing to see how each drawer, cabinet and piece of wood was glued, screwed and put together with precision. It wasnt like some other companies out there that use a piece of heavy MDF to support the counter top.

Everything was 1st grade Hard Wood and built solid. The sub-floor on everything up to the 2499 is one piece of plywood. Other manufactureres use 4x8 sheets pieced together to put the subfloor together. It was little things like this that impressed me the most. Keep in mind that this wasnt a staged visit, we told them we would be around this week and would drop by the facility to do a story on them for a Magazine I work for.

I've noticed on a few different website forums that most dealers are standing by the warranties because they almost never have to repair anything on a Sunline. They're just that over-built

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