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leather 03-24-2021 04:02 PM

Advice on Selling 2007 T-1950
We are looking for your advice about where is best to advertise our 2007 Sunline T-1950. Where can we advertise with the least amount of hassle?

Not being completely computer savvy, I 've had some issues in getting pictures uploaded so any suggestions would be appreciated.

We have really enjoyed our Sunny along with following this forum. Thanks for being there!

JohnB 03-26-2021 09:55 PM

Hi leather,

You can advertise your Sunline for sale here on the forum. Make an add in the "Sunlines for sale" forum, here

To post pics, see here:

There are 3 ways to add pics.

1. Upload pics to a specific post attaching them at the end of the post.

2. Linking them in from a public viewable web photo hosting service you have.

See here for 1 and 2

3. You can upload pics to the forum in your own personal photo album. Then link them to anywhere in the text of a post. See here on how to create an album.

If you still get stuck, let us know. Pic's go a long way in helping to sell your camper.

Hope this helps


leather 03-29-2021 03:31 PM

Thank you
Hi John B;

Thank you for your thoughtful and thorough response!

I posted my Sunline in Craigslist and it was sold within 18 hours with a list of others who were interested too.

Our many thanks to you and the members of this forum for your support, insights and knowhow over the past fourteen years!!

What a great group & travel trailer too!

HurleyMan 04-01-2021 03:13 PM

Not surprised
I'm glad you were able to re-home your trailer so fast. I would have recommended Craigslist because I have had great luck selling all different types of items there. I owned a 96 T-1950. Sunline's best seller for many years. The floor plan was fantastic for a trailer this size. We upgraded to a rare 195SR which is basically the same floor plan, but with a slide out for the sofa.
I'm not surprised it sold so fast due to the popular floor plan and the fact that RV sales spiked last year with Covid putting a damper on a lot of peoples vacation plans. That situation is likely to continue through this year.
Best of luck.

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