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dcardinale15 10-16-2020 07:04 PM

newbie with a t2370!
Hi I just bought my 2000 camper which I believe is a t2370.its in really good shape but for one problem.the refrigerator door broke at the bottom hinge. Unfortunately, dometic discontinued the door. Its from an rm2652.if anyone knows where I can find another door,that would be great!
Otherwise I'm really impressed with the quality of the construction especially the cabinetry.
Another question I have is About the roof. should there be a space between the outer roof And the inner?
Thanks All Happy Camping!

JohnB 10-18-2020 08:51 AM


On the fridge door, can you post pics of the broken part of the door? We may be able to help get you going again but do not know what is needed.

On the roof, please explain more,

You said

Another question I have is About the roof. should there be a space between the outer roof And the inner?
Not sure what you are meaning by "space" between outer roof and inner. We know the entire roof structure of your camper and have pics to show how they are built to share if needed. The word "inner" we need more info on what you are referring too.

A friendly heads up, most likely the roof of your Sunline is not a direct walk on roof. Sunline did have an optional full or partial decking walk on roof, but they were special order and not many had that feature. The standard non walk on roof, means you need to take precautions to spread your weight out when servicing items on the roof. Such as, place a trap, canvas or other soft material on the roof surface to protect abrasion to the rubber. Then place manageable size plywood sheets 3/8" thick or thicker you can lift up safely and place on the roof wide enough to span across at least 2 or 3 rafters. I use multiple plywood pieces, most are 2 ft- 2 1/2 ft wide x 4 ft long x 1/2" thick. The rafters are nominally on 16" centers. Looks like this

Take great care getting on and off the roof to not fall. The rafters will support your weight, but the space between the rafters will not, you can damage the roof trying to walk between the rafters.

Hope this helps and have fun on your Sunny!


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