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amann10602 04-20-2010 05:49 PM

Roof Coating
Hi, We are new here. We've bought a 1995 Solaris T2363. You all have been very helpful in answering our questions about a towing vehicle. Now we have a question about the roof. We need to coat the roof with the rubber stuff. We bought some of Lowe's when we had our previous trailer and paid about $15 a gallon. It was kind of a thick milk-shake's rubberized roof coating. Now here's our question: Is it ok to use that or should we go to the rv place and buy the stuff specifically for rv's? It sells for about $45 a gallon. We weren't sure if there is a difference other than the price. Of course, we want to put the best stuff on our new travel trailer. Thanks for your help.

wagonman76 04-20-2010 07:39 PM

I asked about this recently and it sounds like you have the same thing I used. They told me it would work just fine, and so far so good. I saw the mobile home roof paint at the farm store the other day for about $15.

Typically stuff from RV places costs more than if you were to get the same thing elsewhere. Sometimes you have no choice, but in this case there is a much cheaper alternative.

Edit: I'd follow John's advice. I wasn't aware of rubber roofs and how much different they were.

JohnB 04-20-2010 08:57 PM

Hi Audrey

Your 95 camper, is it a rubber roof? Iím going out on a limb here but I think that year would be in the EPDM rubber era. Someone may pop in here quick and confirm.

Assuming it is rubber,

A few things, first the caulk around the edges, and any other roof penetration. That needs to be very close inspected and repaired if any hint of cracks are visible. You use Dicro self leveling lap sealant on those. If the old caulk is real broke up, then you can peel some of it away back to good and then apply new. If you have a hair line crack, then you can apply new Dicro over that.

Now to the roof coating. If it is a rubber roof this the what Dicor the folks who made the roof recommend. Yours is most likely Brite ply. Sunline Fan may be able to confirm. They recommend there roof coatings.

See this web site

You can then search on line or in stores for there products.

Koolseal is another reported good rubber roof product however I myself have not used them.

For a rubber roof, I would caution the Lowes/Home Depot route unless they sell the brand name you have researched. The store folks I have found do not know RVís and some not all the products they sell.

On line stores sell the brand products and often times cheaper then the RV stores. It may take a little searching but most can be found. Since the roof is so important, on a rubber roof I would research the right product for it and then buy that even if it costs.

Now if you have a metal roof, that is a little different. I myself have not done a RV metal roof but have mobile home metal roof and then the fiber roof coatings out the lumber yard work well there.

OH and if you have a rubber roof, odds are it is most likely not a walk on roof. In that case a tarp, carpet or other protector needs to be put down against the rubber and then pieces of at least 1/2" thick plywood put down across the 16Ē center rafters to hold your weight.

Hope this helps


Sunline Fan 04-20-2010 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by JohnB
Your 95 camper, is it a rubber roof? Iím going out on a limb here but I think that year would be in the EPDM rubber era. Someone may pop in here quick and confirm.

John, you are correct, a '95 2363 would have EPDM.


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