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wobbly 06-13-2007 07:50 PM

Front Window Cover Supports
A person, who will remain unidentified, tried to close our front window without releasing both locks. This tweaked one of the support arms into a new and unique shape. I retweaked it into a passing resemblance of the other arm.

Anyone replace the arms with gas struts? Or perhaps a power take-off with cable and pulley from the electric tongue jack could operate the window cover. I must rush my patent application in on this idea!


Sunline Fan 06-14-2007 09:51 AM


I think I know who the person is :wink:! Anyway, I had a friend who had a Jayco TT with a strut assist rock guard. The thing was a real pain to get down (I did it one time) and it was difficult to get all the way up to pull it down. I could just imagine if it were wet. I don't think the height issue would be a problem with your 1950, but there's also the issue of rain. I always tilt mine to one side to let water drain off, and strut assists wouldn't allow you to do that, unless you put a bungee on it or something. That wouldn't look very good.

I like the idea for the power lift. That would be especially helpful for the older Sunline fivers that have rock guards all the way up on top. It is even difficult to lift them up from the back of a truck. It would be nice to just hit a switch and the thing would go up!

If you can't rig up anything power, your best bet is to replace what's there.


wobbly 06-14-2007 05:52 PM

Well, I was attempting some humor with the power lift idea. Just trying to a rise out of those who think that using an electric tongue jack will lead to muscle atrophy. :wink:

Now where did I leave the remote control for the new chocolate fountain I just installed above the sink ?


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