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tedontario 01-04-2007 08:42 AM

Secure T V in cabinet
Hello all T2499 owners. We are trying to stop using the TT but with this warn weather it is very hard. We do not take it down the road but enjoy using it every day at least for tea or coffee break. DW and I are tied for Yatzee wins at the moment. My question is how do you anchor you TV, if you have one in the unit , in the enclosed TV cabinet to prevent it from sliding around while on the road?
Thanks in advance

JohnB 01-04-2007 09:25 PM


Here try this: This is my first pic post here. Hope it works. I think I figured out how to post a pic you can view.

Since you a wood working kind of guy, you can see what I did.

I used 1/4" pine veneer board and made a almost full lower bottom for the cabinet. This will lock the base from moving.

Then I made a skeleton pine frame around the TV. Slide it in the back and then nylon web strapped the TV to the skeleton frame. TV is wood wedged and nylon web strapped.

Then I made a wood frame on top for the VCR/DVD player and nylon web strapped it with a Velcro connection in the middle. All the wires and power cords are behind it.

I can just get my hand in the side to plug it in.

Once I assemble the TV and VCR I pick up the whole thing and put it in the TV whole. There is 1 screw in the back to hold it in place. It is custom wedge fit in the cabinet.

We did not need a screen any bigger than what we had and the VCR is up top and leaves us the lower Sunline VCR hole for more “stuff” to store in there.

If you need more pic’s etc on this, let me know



kanyonkitty 01-04-2007 09:57 PM

Hi Ted,
I sure can't blame you for using your 2499, this weather is unbelievable. BUT, I sure don't what to think about how we will pay for it? Well, no matter anyway to answer your TV securing question. Do you have the "full floor to ceiling entertainment cabinet? This is a pic of mine:
Sorry this picture does not show the velcro as it was taken while SUnny was parked.

I bought 9 feet of "sew on" velcro, 1" wide. Cut into (3) 3' strips. Working with one of the 3' strips: pull the velcro apart, lay the 2 strips end to end, then pull one end onto the other strip, this will "Velcro" about a 3" section together, then I took a flat washer & wood screw, poked the screw thru the center of the 3" section and screwed it into the back corner of the cabinet. I repeated this process for the other two straps. I placed the staps near the bottom, center and top of the tv. Now you pull the velcro around to the front of the TV, pull the straps tight and velcro together.

I also placed a piece of that "no-silde" stuff under the tv. Sunny has probably 10,000 miles and this system is working fine. Plus, there is NO visible hardward while the TV is in the cabinet.

I sure hope this is written clear enough to understand.


Poppy & Nana 01-05-2007 09:16 AM

OK John B - how to you post a photo?

Maybe you could start another thread - so we don't hi-jack this one!

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