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jriehl08 06-25-2015 07:24 PM

New owner but have questions
My wife and myself are upgrading from our 78 apache popup to a 94 solaris T-2470. We will be the 3rd owner and the camper is almost perfect. My questions is this. We used NADA to find out what it was worth but all models on there start with M- ours is a T- can anyone tell me what the difference is? We ended up taking out a personal loan because the bank said it wasn't worth what the lady was asking for it on nada. We fell in love with the condition and room that it has over our old popup and our daughters loved it as well. I have been looking all over the net and see the T-2470 on very few posts and no real info to go along with the posts. Any help would be great.

Jim-Bev-2363 06-25-2015 07:55 PM

Hi and welcome to Sunline. I hope you enjoy your Solaris.

As for the "m" in the NADA.... it seems they screwed up and put the designation for motorhome instead of the "T" for trailer.

jriehl08 06-25-2015 08:02 PM

thanks so much that makes perfect sense and after a while I was thinking the same thing. Once we sign the papers and get it home I will post up a few pictures of the camper and its great condition.

bunjin 06-26-2015 11:00 AM


To get some info on your trailer, go to and click the file tab at the top of page. Then click on brochures. Scroll or go to page with year and click on download. It will have info on your model.


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