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lenchernit 12-22-2010 09:32 PM

Awning Time
Hi I have a 32 ft Sunline and need a replacement awning. It has the larger awning .I think at least 20'. Can anyone help me in this area. Thanks. Happy Holidays8) It is a 32 ft. Solaris with the large slide out.

JohnB 12-23-2010 08:52 AM

Hi lenchernit

H'mm a 32 foot Sunline and needing a new awning. That sounds just like me :cool:

Now why is sounds like me, I have a 32 foot Sunline that needs a new awning this spring too... What model camper do you have?

Mine the sun has dried up the threads that sew the awning to the cord that holds it in the gutter rail track. The top 4 to 5 inches of awning fabric is sun baked. Now the rest of the awning is still very good. I now put 303 UV protectent on the awning up top and it helps slow down the damage however the damage was done by the prior owner of the camper before I got it.

So now to where to get an awning? I'm still researching this. I know we have a RV dealer in the area that handles both Carfree and Dometic and they can order anything. The bigger problem is how to get it home. They generally come in a real long tube complete with the spring tube and all. Then you just slide the awning in the gutter track and hook up the awning tube. I have seen this done right in a campground by a local RV service company. Wind damage ripped the awning and they came and put a new one on.

I am still researching if one can buy just the fabric. However you have to deal with the tube torsion spring and that can be a hand full so heads up if you go this route.

To date I have not yet found the place to buy them with pout without the tube other then the 1 RV dealer.

However if you want one for your slide, see this post by Galixedriver

and this one

I wonder if these folks will sell the main awning fabric. Might be a phone call in the near future.

Hope this helps


dkasten39828 12-30-2010 01:26 PM

We had the same sort of problem with our awning... sun-damaged weather shield... it actually separated the dual-layer awning fabric up there and in a rain would cause a water-balloon effect.:shock:

In addition, there was some damage to one of the upright awning supports from the previous owner. It was bent or torqued/twisted just enough to make it difficult setting up or closing the awning.

After careful consideration, we decided to replace the whole awning.
We chose a Dometic 8500 Plus awning with it's automatic rain shed feature. And we had it done at... CAMPING WORLD.

Yes, believe it or not, they had a sale on (well, we WAITED for them to have one) and got the old awning removed, the new one installed. We got the Product Protection Plan for it to extend the warranty at any Camping World shop in the country. We have used it several times since and been VERY pleased. (the awning... not the Protection Plan :) )

Lenchernit... with an awning as long as what you are wanting, I think you'll want one of those center rafter supports. One of our camping friends in Georgia has a 34-foot trailer and a LONG awning. They added this center rafter support and he says it's a good idea for such a long awning.

lenchernit 12-30-2010 01:58 PM

Thanks everyone for the help. With money so tight this year we will shop it around to get the best product for our money. I just can't wait to get back out there again !!

Sunline Fan 12-31-2010 12:09 AM

Cost wise, a direct replacement A&E will probably be your best bet. I personally feel that the Carefree of Colorado awnings are a much more superior product, but they will cost more. The A&E's get used by many more manufacturers so it's simple volume discounts. As a result, many of the service facilities will also use a lot of them too.

Just so you know, Jayco is one of the few manufacturers who use Carefree exclusively, so any dealer that sells almost exclusively Jayco will have mostly Carefree awnings. It's worth checking them out anyway, but don't be surprised if they can't easily get an A&E.

As Dave said, I would also recommend the center tension rafter addition in the future when you can. I have a 21' awning and found it pretty necessary, and I think I'd find it necessary on a 19' too.

You can certainly save a lot of money if you can reuse as many of the parts as possible. If the tube bent, you should be able to save everything else including the fabric. If the fabric is bad, it can be replaced too as John described. If the hardware is broken somehow, you may get lucky and find a local dealer that has some in their scrap pile from replacing someone else's awning. It's worth a shot to ask.

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