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Old 11-19-2006, 11:41 AM   #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Posts: 19
SUN #42
Tom R
Sunline 2753 vs 2499?...Why 2499 most popular?

I am looking at some of the available Sunline TTs. I know the 2499 is the most popular model and many of you own them and really like them.

My question is...when you "shopped" why did you choose the 2499 instead of the 2753? Seems like they are similar (reversed bed location) but the 2753 gets you a dinnette. Weight appears to be just a couple of hundred #s extra.

What moved you to the 2499?

Bob, Kitty and others...tell me like it is! Tom R in Two Harbors, Minnesota

P.S. Inventory I have found so far is non-fibergalss...with few option. I would love to find one with fiberglass and most options. If I had ordered a new one I was just going to tell them..."I want all the options Kitty got!" TMR

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Old 11-19-2006, 01:32 PM   #2
Senior Member
GoodoleBob's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 250
SUN #15
Hi Tom,
For us it was close as to which we would buy between those two model. We finally decided on a 2499 and it was purely personal.

First we wanted a nice arrangement for watching TV, and the dinette was just not that important to us. Let me expand on this a little. At home we often eat in our den with the TV going and with a TV tray on our lap. We enjoy that. The 2499 allows for this same dining style with the added convienience of a folding/sliding table to boot for games or a mini buffet if desired. The 2753 does have a TV location, but not near as good in my humble opinion as the 2499 design.

The second reason was the wonderful picture window in the rear of the 2499. Since you typically back your RV into a campsite there is a potential view to be had out that back window. The ocean or a lake perhaps, and we promised ourselves we would have a rear picture window view to take advantage of this possibility. The 2753 is configured opposite this plan, and it's view is out the front end over the hitch so your view is typically the camp road and activity on it. This is just not what we want to see our vacation.

After speding some time inside a 2753 we felt the comprimise in TV viewing comfort was something we couldn't deal with, and the money view was backwards for our particular interests. But it was a close call, and one we gave some time too. The 2753 is indeed a beauty and was our second choice in the Sunline collection.


Bob ...SOC-015
2007 Solaris T-2499 with 2004 Dodge 2500 Quad Cab Diesel TV.

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Old 11-19-2006, 02:42 PM   #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Ontario
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Trailblazer is an unknown quantity at this point
We actually went to look at the 2499 and the dealer showed us the 2753. After looking at both we felt the 2753 met our needs better. My DW really wanted a dinette. We liked the idea of the bedroom in the back. The main reason was with the bedroom in the back it would be quieter for sleeping. Since you back into most campsite the bedroom would be the furtherest away from the campground road and you would hear people or cars going past a night. DW and I really liked the big window by the dinette. For us we have had some very scenic views from that window while sitting and eating lunch as roadside rest areas. We also liked the floor plan better. The 2753 really created separate areas for the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. This was just our preference and why we choose the 2753.
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Old 11-19-2006, 02:55 PM   #4
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Indiana
Posts: 172
SUN #21
Given the lack of a dinette I wouldn't think the 2499 is the most popular Sunline unit. It may be that 2499 owners are just more vocal!

In any case, we purchased the 2499 largely for its roominess. The fact that you can swing your arms around unimpeded in a 2499 without the weight, cost or complexity of a slideout was key to our decision. Additionally, the folding table is genuinely useful. I spend a lot of time processing photographs while traveling and the table works just fine, holding the computer, camera, and assorted electronic paraphernalia. Also, not having a dinette encourages you to eat outside and enjoy the surroundings--the whole point of traveling. We don't have a television in the entertainment unit (we use a laptop to watch movies sometimes), so our stuff can accumulate there rather than on a dinette table.

I initially didn't know what to think about the midships bathroom, but it's worked out very well. The right mix of access and privacy. Having two doors to close between the bedroom and the living area is nice if you want to sleep and someone else wants to read or watch a movie.

With the 2499 floorplan you get the way cool slide-out pantry. Nothing else comes even close for convenience.

Like GoodoleBob, we were wowed by the large windows. In my experience, Sunlines are brighter and cheerier than competing units, which makes traveling that much more enjoyable. Further, we spend a fair amount of time in hotter climates, so having lots of windows to open to the breeze is important.

Of course, any floorplan has its limitations. if you have more than three people traveling, the 2499 is probably not the floorplan for you. But for a couple or a family of three, you can't beat it.
Don Reitz
2005 Sunline Solaris SE T-2499
2006 Chevy 2500HD D/A
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Old 11-19-2006, 07:24 PM   #5
Moderator Emeritus
kanyonkitty's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: West Virginia
Posts: 2,289
SUN #17
kanyonkitty is an unknown quantity at this point
Hi Tom,

Thanks for the "I want all that Kitty got" comment, BUT there were a few options from Sunline that I "DIDN'T" get. But, I'm real pleased with the ones I did get.

Now, what swayed me away from the 2753 and into the 2499:

1. The wonderful view from the rear windows (quite easy to get great sites out west with great views out back)

2. Really didn't have much of a need for the dinette.

3. The location of the TV in the 2753 is really not viewer friendly, love my entertainment center in the 2499.

4. I like the slide-out pantry

5. I cook very little inside, so the stove near the couch was not an issue with the 2499 , BUT the sink near the couch in the 2753 was for me.

6. I chose the aluminum siding over fiberglass as it "never" needs waxing because it's got "baked on Krystal-Kote", and since I'm on my own, less maintenance is a big plus.

Both floor plans are great, but YOU need to decide which one will suit your needs the BEST.

I even considered the T-286SR, but I really didn't want a slide, and I really wanted my rear view living room. I have been fortunate to be able to travel out west a great deal, and the scenery is just fantastic.
Sunny #18 2003 F-344SR #8157
Sunny #19 1997 T-2653 #5485
1999 Ford F350XLT DRW Crew Cab, Long bed 7.3 PSD
2002 VW Jetta TDI.. AKA: Kitty's Kruiser
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Old 11-19-2006, 09:58 PM   #6
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 1
SUN #106
This is my first time posting here so I hope this goes through OK.

We have a 2499, purchased in spring of 2005---it has some of the features of the 2005 and some of the 2006 model, although it is classified as a 2006 model.

We specifically wanted a trailer without a dinette as that would be wasted space for us. This trailer was a move-up from the l950 which has a similiar pop-up table arrangement.

I really like the slide-out pantry. That was a consideration.

Also like the entertainment center which in our model has cabinets above and below the TV. Great for stashing all my travel brochures and other info that we pick up while camping.


Also, I can't remember if the 2753 has a place for storing a trashbin under the cabinet or not. This is something we missed having in the 1950.
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Old 11-22-2006, 09:09 PM   #7
JohnB's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Ohio
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SUN #89
JohnB is an unknown quantity at this point

Both the T2499 and the 2753 are great campers. We looked at both. Both have pro's for them. There are no con's just personal preferences.

In our case we went T2499 due to:

Both DW and I wanted the walk around bed. Both had it.

The pass through bath gave you room to sit... and not knee knock on the wall getting up or down. Both had it. Plus you actually had room to get dressed in the bath room if needed.

Now the difference that swung us.

I was after the big rear view window, like a 5er.

DW had a stipulation that when she was at the sink, I could walk behind her to get to the other end of the camper and she did not have to move. We came from a pop up and only 1 person walked at a time. The T2499 did not restrict this. In the 2573 if someone was at the sink/stove, who ever is in the dinette is not getting out. I know a real picky point and may not matter to some. My hang-up was the rear window, DW was the walk behind. What can I say.

Now that I have the T2499, I still think for us it is still right.

The entertainment center is so much better. Bigger, more room.

The couch is longer in the 2499 verses the 2573

The pantry, can not do without it now that we have it. You can stuff a lot of stuff in there, pull it out and "find" it.

The swivel rocker is nice for me. DW uses the couch. 2753 has no rocker.

Have heard some say the sleeping noise is less in the 2573. Well we have had both. In the pop up we slept in the back, in the T2499 in the front. Really cannot tell the difference. Think of it this way. Is having your head 20 feet further away that much difference? If someone outside is being un-camper like, it will not matter. You will hear it in the front just like you do ion the back. Especially with the windows open. And the car that drives by in the middle of the night in the CG, won't matter either.

This one is a tuff call. It comes down to the personal preferences.

Good luck in which ever one you get.

2004 Sunline T310SR - Fern Blue interior
2004 Sunline T1950 - Fern Blue interior
2005 Ford F350 Lariat, 6.8L V10 W/ 4.10 rear axle, CC, Short Bed, SRW. Reese HP trunnion bar hitch W/ HP DC

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Old 11-26-2006, 05:46 PM   #8
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Michigan
Posts: 854
SUN #115
We just had to go cover a story for a magazine that I write for up in Northern Michigan last weekend. Weather was very cold and windy and all I could think about was me telling the guy from General RV I didnt want the winter insulation kit "Do you think I'm ever going to go camping in the winter?" This is where I eat my words.

What I'm getting at is we left our diesel truck running to keep the batteries charged in the trailer so we could keep the tank heaters on all night and the sound was never an issue in our 2499. I couldnt even hear the motor running? The big back window, the couch and recliner rather than the dinette was what sold us. It just seems more inviting.

I do plan on putting either a stainless splash guard between the couch and stove or I saw a tempered glass one at General RV that is already made up and you just need to glue down. Dont want to have to worry about soiling the couch when we do cook inside
2007 Sunline T-2499 4" Lift
Rigged Boondocking & Dry Camping

Pat & Cindy Bonish
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Old 01-13-2007, 04:21 PM   #9
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Join Date: Nov 2006
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SUN #100
We have a 2006 2499 which we really enjoy. Its comfortable and is a great rig for 2 people.

My wife and I choose the 2499 mostly because it did not have a dinnette.
being on the large size I dont like dinnette's because I dont fit well into cramp benches.

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Old 01-13-2007, 06:06 PM   #10
Sunline Fan's Avatar
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Sunline Fan is an unknown quantity at this point
Hi Tom,

I have to agree with everything said so far. You really have to weigh out your options and see what features matter most. I have had three trailers and like things from all three, but I have to say I liked my 2363 best, just because it has features that fit me. However, my favorite Sunline model is the 2653, because it combines the 2363 with other features I like even better, but it does lose some features specific to the 2363. Also, some options can be added, but a select few would be very difficult to add, so check which trailer that you are looking at has options that you would want. If you find a 2499 or 2753 with fiberglass, I'd take that over one with aluminum, assuming you are still unsure what interior you like better.

I have tried to give you an un-biased opinion on how to choose. I have never owned a 2499 or 2753, and I doubt I will because I really don't care for a walk-through bath.

Also, if anyone is unsure of the floorplans, here they are:

2007 Sunline Solaris T-2499-

and the 2007 Sunline Solaris T-2753-

Good luck in making your decision,
2007 T-286SR Cherry/Granola, #6236, original owner, current mileage: 9461.2 (as of 10/01/16)
1997 T-2653 Blue Denim, #5471
2008 T-286SR SE scale model, #5001
Past Sunlines: '97 T-2653 #5089, '94 T-2251, '86 T-1550, '94 T-2363, '98 T-270SR
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Old 01-14-2007, 07:10 AM   #11
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Michigan
Posts: 854
SUN #115
My Biggest question is? Why would you want to look at your Tow Vehicle the entire time you're sitting in you living room?

Back in somewhere nice and enjoy the view unobstructed.
2007 Sunline T-2499 4" Lift
Rigged Boondocking & Dry Camping

Pat & Cindy Bonish
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Old 01-15-2007, 05:15 AM   #12
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 39
SUN #125
A little late chiming in on this subject, but here are a few reasons for our purchase of a 2499 over any other TT including the 2753.

By priority:
1. No slide, big LR = Space for two, with no possibility of slide glitches.
2. Big rear window = Lots of light and a great view.
3. Space for a recliner for me and a sofa for her.
4. The entertainment center = Eye level viewing, bigger tv, no stiff neck.
5. Walk-in shower, no tub, roomy bathroom = Arthritis friendly.

There's not enough space to list the reasons for us choosing a Sunline over another brand, but then everyone here knows why.

We bought what was comfortable for us and did not give a thought about resale value. This collectable is ours forever.
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Old 01-15-2007, 05:53 AM   #13
Senior Member
GoodoleBob's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 250
SUN #15

I'm with you on every point you made, especially the last statement. My 2499 treasure is a forever with me too.


Bob ...SOC-015
2007 Solaris T-2499 with 2004 Dodge 2500 Quad Cab Diesel TV.

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