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Old 04-28-2009, 08:31 PM   #1
JohnB's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Ohio
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Camper Separation Anxiety

Fellow Sunline Campers.

Iím having a hard time with something looking for some thoughts. My work has settled down at least for the moment to where Iím back in town now from being gone the last year. And now I need to stop procrastinating and do something with our smaller camper.

Last weekend I took it out to get the Dometic Fridge recall done. Boy she sure tows well with the F350Ö The fridge trip went smooth. Here she is going for a ride.

Then we started cleaning what little dirt/dust was on the unit inside and out and getting her ready to find a new home. This is where the Camper Separation Anxiety sets in.

Five years ago we had a beautiful PU. It was immaculate when we traded it for the new T2499 and as usual the dealer does not give you much for a trade but we did not want to swing a full TT cost then so we traded. The dealer never even looked at it and gave us a price out of a book. Didnít matter how good or not it was. I him'ed and haw'ed then, man should I just keep it? Maybe the kids can use it some day?? Convinced myself/ourselves it needs to go, so it did.

Then this spring my son now 25, buys a 1997 Coleman PU same model as we hadÖ . Just not as upgraded or new as ours but it is in fair shape for the cheaper price, he got a good deal and it needed some work. So we have been working on it. Now Iím working on his camperÖ but he is learning too so thatís a good thing.

Our DD has 3 little cutie pie kids and a DH. Her DH was a camper kid and really likes camping and they have camped with us a few times along with the grand kids. Now here our Coleman Mesa PU would have really worked well as it had 2 king beds and 2 sofa couch beds. But it is now gone and a T2499 is not a 5 person and dog kind of camper. Plus they do not have a TV large enough.

As Cindy and I are cleaning up the camper I look and say, man this thing is too good to sell. Just like the PU was. So I said, can we going camping in it? Well while she does like the T2499 but she really likes the T310SR. She likes her slide. So I could not really talk her into camping in the little one when we have the big one that is as immaculate as the little one.....

So here I am, now what? The T2499 sleeps inside my outbuilding and eats up over Ĺ my work shop. 8 feet wide and 26 feet long can do thatÖ. The new one sits outside as it is too big for the shed. The F350 handles the big camper and gets just as good a gas mileage as our Suburban did on the T2499. So the TV is not a problem.

It will be a year or more before a larger outbuilding comes. Need a new roof on the house first. We fully own both campers so there is no loan issues I have to get out from under. And I'm still wrestling with, you need to find it a new homeÖ. We really do not need 2 campersÖ .

So before I start aggressively trying to find it a new home, any thoughts

Here is what it looked like this weekend. This layout fits 2 or 3 people well.

Now the best part, inside. We really love the rear living area layout. The T310SR is a all grown up T2499. Same floor plan just more room.
Here is the table down

Table up but small. Leaf taken out

And ready to dine.

The kitchen is very convenient with everything right at your finger tips. And 2 people can easily pass by each other walking thru the camper. That is what sold Cindy the 1st time. We could not do that in the PU .

And it has an easy sitting and watching TV entertainment center.

The walk around bed front room has 3 windows plus a exterior door and window in it. Sunline was noted for bright interiors and this one is for sure on both ends of the camper.

And it has a large bath where you can sit and not hit your knees and actually get dressed inÖ

And a roomy shower for a TT that is easy to step into. Not a tub shower.

Well any thoughts for my bad case of Camper Separation Anxiety?



Current Sunlines: 2004 T310SR, 2004 T1950, 2004 T2475, 2007 T2499
Prior Sunlines: 2004 T2499 - Fern Blue
2005 Ford F350 Lariat, 6.8L V10 W/ 4.10 rear axle, CC, Short Bed, SRW. Reese HP trunnion bar hitch W/ HP DC

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Old 04-28-2009, 09:08 PM   #2
Moderator Emeritus
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: West Virginia
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kanyonkitty is an unknown quantity at this point
Sell it to a deserving couple with a stipulation that you have visitation rights ? And that they must join SOC and attend the SOC Rally

Sunny #18 2003 F-344SR #8157
Sunny #19 1997 T-2653 #5485
1999 Ford F350XLT DRW Crew Cab, Long bed 7.3 PSD
2002 VW Jetta TDI.. AKA: Kitty's Kruiser
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Old 04-28-2009, 09:18 PM   #3
Sunline Fan's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Michigan
Posts: 5,977
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Sunline Fan is an unknown quantity at this point
Oh John,

I know this feeling so well...

To this day I regret getting rid of our first Sunline, but of course I had no choice in that matter. I really regret getting rid of every single one of mine, but I sure don't mind my current situation.

If I find that first one again, would I buy it? In a heartbeat, no question about it. (If anyone knows of a '97 2653, #5089, out there, let me know ASAP!!!)

IDK if this'll help your situation at all, but here's my thoughts:

1) Casually pursue selling it. If you find a nice home for a decent price, you will feel better about it, especially if you know where it goes. Being able to see it once in a while helps too.

2) You may want to keep it. The 2499 has benefits. One never can tell what the future will bring. Even though you both like the SR now, one of you could have some sort of health problem arise which would prevent you from easily getting in/out of the 310SR. And even just as you get older and don't move as easily. The 2499, with only the one step instead of three, is so much easier to climb in and out of.

Looking to downsize at that point in someone's life is very difficult. Since it's paid for, having that option already there and fit to your liking would be so much easier to transfer to.

3) This isn't really a good time to sell anyway. You may take as much of a hit now as you would if you just waited a couple years.

4) Being six model years old and having no slide, it really won't be worth all that much anyway. Not to mention the dealers are trying to clear out their inventory, so you'll have a hard time trying to sell against the average price-point-minded buyer.

5) The fact that you are the original owner is a big thing, to me at least. You know what's happened to it. You know about the mods you did. You've kept it garaged most of it's life. IMO, having it garaged and out of the sun greatly extends the life of the coach, so you really have a 2-3 year old coach I think right now, when it's really six. Keeping it inside for a while longer will just keep it looking that much nicer. You also know the maintenance that's been done to it, which as you've seen you don't ever get with a used unit.

6) Maybe I'm being very optimistic here, but there may be a time in the future that the values will hit a bottom point and then start to gain in value, once they become classics.

After all, my museum wouldn't be what it is if I didn't keep every scrap that said Sunline on it (and even not in some cases), so hopefully there'll be other opinions from people who don't collect so much junk .

May I wish you the best in whatever your decision may be...I know, it's a hard one!

2007 T-286SR Cherry/Granola, #6236, original owner, current mileage: 9467.8 (as of 5/26/19)
1997 T-2653 Blue Denim, #5471
1979 12 1/2' MC, Beige & Avocado, #4639
Past Sunlines: '97 T-2653 #5089, '94 T-2251, '86 T-1550, '94 T-2363, '98 T-270SR
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Old 04-28-2009, 09:19 PM   #4
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 130
SUN #590
Sell it to me John. Oh, then I would have two. That's a beauty of a camper and I love that layout. I don't think I ever saw that layout before. Yes it would be tough to have two, but as you said before your kids and family are getting into camping it sounds. I don't think I'd let her go too far.

Thanks for all your help with my towing issues with my new 195SR, we had her out this weekend for our first trip and Dad's Explorer Sport Trac V8 pulled her with ease. I hope to take pics over the Memorial weekend, and learn how to post them on here so everyone can see her before we hit Buttonwood with her in June.

Northumberland, PA
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Old 04-28-2009, 09:29 PM   #5
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 97
SUN #784
Hey John!

Sell it, and send me the cash you make on it

Thats a decision only you can make buddy, and it sure sounds to me from your post you have your mind made up. Sooo, are you going to keep it in your barn.

2005 Sunline 264SR
2005 Chevy 1500HD 4X4 6.0 4WS
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Old 04-28-2009, 09:44 PM   #6
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Steve Collins's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: New York
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Steve Collins is an unknown quantity at this point

I feel your concerns more than I can ever say. Our '99 T-2453 is essentially a mirror image of the T-2499 with a couple of very minor differences. All the main points of the 2499 are the same in the 2453. We bought it because we felt it is the perfect empty-nester floor plan. So I understand your feelings about the 2499; they're the same as mine.

Our original plan was to trade up to a larger TT or 5'er before the 2453 reached the 10 year mark. According to several dealers, the trade-in value drops sharply at that point.

Current economic conditions have altered our plans somewhat so we're probably going to hang on the to 2453 for at least another year or two. Ideally, the dually will be paid off by then and we'll have the financial flexibility to move on up.

If it was my decision alone, I'd probably stick with the 2453 until the frame rusts away. I love that trailer and don't feel that I need anything larger. But DW has other thoughts on the matter so I have compromised on the issue. (One selects one's disagreements carefully y'know.)

It will break my heart to let the 2453 go some day but with both of us retired now, it's just not going to be possible to keep it when we do upgrade.

I guess I haven't given you any help with figuring out what to do. But at least you know that others have the same strong feelings about our Sunlines.

'12 F250 4x4 Super Duty PowerStroke 6.7 diesel
2011 to present: '11 Cougar 326MKS
1999 to 2011: '99 Sunline T-2453
SUN264 * Amateur Radio kd2iat monitoring 146.52
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Old 04-29-2009, 05:08 AM   #7
Tweety's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Pennsylvania
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SUN #128
Hi John,
When we traded the QUE for Tweety and QUEtSE was sitting at Stoltzfus for all those months it was pretty much torture for Mr Tweety to see it every time we drove by. He had worked on that little trailer and we had some fun times in it. When they finally sold it and we got "the story" from Lee - that it was sold to a nice couple who wanted it for short trips - he felt better. So, I think if you do sell it you'll feel better once you know it has gone to a nice couple or family who will appreciate it. We haVe sold 2 other Sunlines back in the 1990s and both times we felt good about the people we sold them to. I think that helps alot. I do have to admit that I sometimes wonder what happened to the original 1660 though
On the other hand, if one of your kids has an interest in it I'd sell / give it to them.
Lance 1475 "Snoopy"
2012 GMC Sierra 3500HD 4x4 D/A
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Old 04-29-2009, 08:34 AM   #8
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dkasten39828 is an unknown quantity at this point
John, if we didn't already have a 2004 2499 of our own, I'd be asking for directions to your place right now to make you an offer.

Having had the same reluctance to part with our popup, which we bought NEW in 1999, I can understand your feelings about parting with your 2499. With all the time and effort you've got invested in making her what she is today, to saying nothing of the memories you have from all the travels...

Find her a good home. Be picky. It's not costing you anything to keep her until you find the right match.

Who knows... I might need a second 2499 one day for retirement! One for the road and one to keep at home!
Dave & Cindy
'99 Chevrolet 2500 ext. cab (2WD)
5.3 liter V8, 3.73LS, Prodigy, Hensley Arrow
2004 Sunline Solaris SE T-2499 #5527
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Old 04-29-2009, 06:35 PM   #9
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henryj's Avatar
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Location: Ontario
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Great pictures John, of a beautiful camper. Made me want to go right out and hug my 2499

We went to our local RV show at the beginning of the month and did not see a single camper that would tempt us to part with the 2499. It has a single level 5th wheel type of layout that is perfect for two.

Unlike you, I have no fond memories of our previous pu, also made in PA but it shall remain nameless. I started looking for something with better quality after the first year already.

If you could connect with the right buyer, who would pick up on your obvious enthusiasm for this camper, it should sell at a decent price. You might give them a link to this thread and the forums to see the enthusiasm of other owners.

2015 Silverado 1500 NHT
2014 Arctic Fox 22G
2005 Sunline T-2499
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Old 04-29-2009, 07:37 PM   #10
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Al in PA

I've been experiencing the same thing for the past two years. We bought a 2007 T-2553 when we found out that Sunline was going out of business. Our 1993 T-2051 has been stored in the barn ever since. The trade-in offer barely covered the new tires and new refrigerator we had purchased the year before: It felt like we would have given it away without the charitable deduction for the tax return.

Like henryj, we had gone to RV shows for years and nothing tempted us to trade the T-2051. Like Kitty, I wouldn't think of trading a Sunline with a metal roof for anything with a rubber roof. However, we bought the new Sunline since we never would get that opportunity again.

Maybe I'll just use it as a mini man cave.
1985 T-1550
1993 T-2051
2007 T-2553
2003 Silverado 1500
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Old 04-30-2009, 10:51 AM   #11
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JohnB is on a distinguished road
Gee Folks, Thanks. Iím humbled and LOL in some cases tooÖ..

Iíll type more later.



Ps Any more replies, keep em coming.
Current Sunlines: 2004 T310SR, 2004 T1950, 2004 T2475, 2007 T2499
Prior Sunlines: 2004 T2499 - Fern Blue
2005 Ford F350 Lariat, 6.8L V10 W/ 4.10 rear axle, CC, Short Bed, SRW. Reese HP trunnion bar hitch W/ HP DC

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Old 05-01-2009, 03:00 PM   #12
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Sounds like you have a bit of a dilemma on your hands. Although I could think of problems that are a lot worse than having too many Sunlines . I had very sharp pains of second thought when we bought the fiver. I really loved the T-295, and still do. I'm not ashamed to admit that I may have shed a single tear when we drove away. One thing that did help was that a few months later a nice gentleman called me to ask me about the T-295. I told him everything I could about the coach, we were on the phone for an hour. He did call me back a few weeks later and told me that he had bought the coach and loved it. Just think that if you do decide to sell your "baby" that it will bring another family fun and enjoyment, just as it has for you.
Lowell, Amanda, Marley, and Winnie
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Old 05-07-2009, 07:13 PM   #13
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Yes John, I can understand your feelings about the 2499. I would never sell mine because it is exactly perfect, as is, for what I'm interested in doing! The 5th wheel floorplan and the one step up are 2 of many things I would never be without.
I don't ever see the day that will change, either.

2007 Ford F150 FX4 Supercab 4x4, 5.4 FFV engine, 3.73LS.
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Old 04-04-2015, 10:23 AM   #14
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I just stumbled across this old thread, so John did you ever sell it??

I would not hesitate buying anything from you because I know how meticulous you are and the excellence of the work you do.

If you did sell it, the new owners don't know how lucky they are, unless the are SOC members. Talk about happy campers!


Joan & Miss Emme Lu Who
Full Timing in T-1950 2005 Anniversary Model
1997 6.5L Chevy Turbo Diesel Truck
"Pure Michigan"
Facebook: Apackof2 for the Rd
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